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With the right badminton shoes, you can prevent injuries and perform better on court. Put simply,
badminton shoes have to be comfortable, improve your game and prevent injuries. These three
factors are the basics in all FZ FORZA shoes.

A lot of people focus on the racket when buying badminton equipment, but shoes, and the right shoes, are at least as important as the racket. A pair of good shoes are essential to perform. Badminton is an extremely fast-paced game that requires a lot of movement in different directions. You move back and forth, from side to side and jump. The game requires quick changes in pace and direction, making quick footwork essential in badminton. Any slip hurts your performance or even worse, your body!

The FZ FORZA shoes are made in materials quality checked in rigorous test to make sure that it is
suitable and stable. Before the shoes enter the market they are furthermore tested by professional
badminton players and if necessary, improvements are made before you find it on the shelves.


Our Carbon Tuck Board made of three-dimensional carbon fiber sheet provide mid-sole stability, decreasing torsional strain on the foot’s arch.


FZ curve means that the medial side of the out-sole is slightly rounded. Badminton is different from most other sports as you sometimes drag your feet to reach the shuttle. We make sure that the medial (inside) of the shoe is not a sharp edge, to make sure that you don’t fall or twist while playing.


A special mesh layer on the shoe which allows the feet to breathe during play. The fabric is made to help with transporting the perspiration away from your feet, to keep them dry and moving.


Our out-soles are tested and treated to make sure they are all non-marking.


A thin coating used to treat our regular PU to make them more durable and for a softer wear.


Our lateral stability technology provides extra support when playing and moving quickly around on court.


Our high-tech micro fiber PU is used where your badminton shoes are worn the most. Dura-U offers extreme durability due to its unique abrasion resistance.


Extremely durable rubber out-sole constructed for better grip with the playing surface. We only use high grade rubber to make sure you have superior grip and traction.


By inserting this light weight TPU piece mid foot under the arch of the foot, we achieve both a lighter and stronger shoe but also a more stable shoe.
ASE helps prevent pronation and torsion in the shoe for increased functionality.


Our custom-fitted heels are specially designed for each shoe model. This ensures that the heel doesn’t bother you while playing. By inserting a special molded PVC piece we make sure that the heel is stable for the lifetime of the shoe without ever going soft.


FZorb is a fantastic material for shock absorption. This is an extra soft landing pad, that we mold into the sole.
FZorb helps to absorb the many hard shocks that players’ feet are subjected to during play.


A EVA insole with extra stabilization and extra ankle support with a pattern that makes it extra comfortable when wearing.


The tongue is held in place by an elastic band so it will never go out of place. The tongue is furthermore made in mesh fabric that allows the feet to breathe, for a much more comfortable wear.


Be using this evolutionary X-Technology at the back end of the shoe players get a more stable shoe with less risk of injuries. One of the most common badminton injuries is a twist in the ankle, but the FZ FORZA X-Technology prevent just that by stabilizing the ankle.

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