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Shaft Technology

Anti-torque Shaft

Most players want the least amount of torque in the shaft as possible. That’s why, when we apply more than 25 years of badminton knowledge into the weaving process and combinations of the different angles, we fold our graphite layers so we end up with shafts that have up to 9% less torque than comparable shafts from competitors. This hugely affects your game as you are gaining precision without sacrificing power, flexibility and control.

Kevlar Reinforced

Kevlar is a very advanced material which combines great strength with light weight. The material is elastic and yet 5 times stronger that steel. Therefore Kevlar has a lot of uses and is used for bulletproof vests among other things. When FORZA uses Kevlar in combination with graphite in the rackets we can make light and extremely strong rackets with a lot of power. Kevlar helps absorb the shock at impact, making the racket feel soft and comfortable which lets you generate more power.

Titanium Reinforced

Titanium is a very light and rigid material which is used to build space shuttles among other things. The combination of graphite and titanium increases the racket’s durability and gives the racket increased control.

Slim Shaft

The slim shaft greatly reduces the air resistance when swinging and it greatly increases your swing speed but with less effort. The FORZA slim shaft rebounds almost as fast as a conventional shaft, meaning that you get much more stability and accuracy, making it a superior choice when you are looking for a slim shaft rackets.

Super Slim Shaft

With an outer diameter of only 6.0mm this is the thinnest shaft in the world of FZ FORZA, with an aerodynamic shaft for super fast action. Combining the super slim shaft with HM carbon fiber in the build, we end up with a super thin shaft, that still has amazing playability and feel. This shaft is for players who enjoy playing with increased speed and need fast reactions.

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