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Frame Technology

826 Frame

Combining the benefits of the hexa and octagon shape, this innovative shape gives you both increased strength in the racket, while being thinner on top. Decreased air-resistance combined with less torque makes this a precise, fast and durable weapon on court.

Wide Body Frame

FORZA’s wide body frame is an extra wide frame construction that makes the frame more rigid and stable - synonymous with greater control and greatly enhanced power. The wider body enables players to string the racket harder thus adding to the overall power transfer when hitting the badminton shuttle.


Low Aerodynamic Drag System Technology.
By applying micro-thin sheets of a special hybrid-composite material on the inside of the frame, we have managed to create a smoother inner surface, which in return means less air resistance and increased swing.

Razor Frame

With a rounded edge on the outer frame the air flows smoothly around the rackets, resulting in less drag and more power.

Octagon Frame

FORZA has developed a octagon frame which ensures that the air flows around the frame with greater ease, thus increasing your reaction time. The frame is also more narrow and stronger than usual reducing air resistance and providing torsion. The frame design is extra durable, making you play stronger for longer.

Air Flow Frame

Our newly developed frame reduces drag and air resistance during your stroke, enabling you to deliver more power and precision. Furthermore the more rigid T-joint construction offers a much more stable frame with almost no torsion, allowing you to put the shuttle exactly where you want it.

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