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Please use these charts below to find the best size for your clothes and shoes.

Forza-Shop Recommendations:



If you are a man and looking for a tighter fit please use your usual size, if you want a more free(loose) fit please pick a size larger.  I personally wear tees Large (tighter fit) but polos in XL. My usual non-forza tshirt size is a large. For reference: I am 6ft 190lbs.


Shorts tend to be European style and a bit short. Rimini shorts come short by design for quick movement, but if you prefer a more American feel buy one size bigger. Goose shorts seem to be the most accurate fit by length for the US market. 

I typically choose XL for shorts. Those are the best length for me but am now really enjoying wearing the shorter rimini shorts (XL) because they really do add speed on the court.

NOTE: Rimini and Goose both come with pockets.

Rimini shorts are also very popular with the women.


When picking shoes and are trying to compare different company sizes please use CM to get the most accurate fit. I've learned that US and EU sizes are very different by brand but CM stays pretty accurate.

I used to wear Yonex shoes but tried my first pair of Forza and never looked back. Yonex was way to loose for me. Forza's support for your foot is unmatched and adds a sense of security when on the court for your ankle and heel.

Note: If you are local to GA please fill out the "local request" form and I will come let you try a bunch of different sizes and models. The Forza-Shop also travels around the Southeast to tournaments and other events so request us for your next event. Badminton equipment - especially shoes - are hard to find locally, but we are here to help. 

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