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The FZ FORZA clothing collection is based on the proud Danish design and quality tradition ensuring both a stylish look and a comfortable as well as durable quality. With professional research and development our fabric qualities are carefully picked out by our Danish design team and afterwards tested by our top badminton players around the world.

When designing the collection all the different movements from the badminton sport is considered, footwork, jump, swing etc. ensuring a comfortable fit in every design. Comfortable clothing is essential when performing your maximum on court and we will make sure that you both feel and look world class when smashing the shuttle.

Fabric Functions

All garments have been preshrunk to avoid size changing. Follow the care label and your FZ FORZA clothes should be your favorite badminton clothing for years.

Most fabric is stretchable either by knitting or due to added elasthane. We make sure that the style has just the right stretch in order for the style to both fit the body and give comfort.

When moving around you create static electricity, but our fabrics prevent the garments from sticking to your body. To avoid your garments from being static, please do not tumble dry.

Our garments are made in fabrics
either constructed to avoid anti-pilling or fabrics that are given an anti-pilling treatment. Even after washing several times, the surface will still look good.

DryForze keeps you comfortable during the game! With the unique DryForze treatment,
we ensure maximum comfort. DryForze makes the fabric perspiration transporting,
quick drying and super pleasant to wear, and the DryForze capabilities will
stay with your clothes for much longer than similar technologies. Fabric treated with
DryForze has high breathability and a cool wearing comfort.

Neck Tape

We use neck tape to guarantee that you won’t feel the seems when playing.
A small thing that makes a big difference.

Neck Print

FZ FORZA clothing comes with printed neck labels to ensure extra comfort. No
more itching and scratching - focus on playing instead.

Zipper Stopper

Fzipper-stopper stops the zipper from nipping into your skin while allowing you
a full range of motions.

Inner Brief

You will find inner brief in some of our shorts and skirts, designed to
wick sweat and keep you covered.

Reflective Strip

The reflective stripe detail is not only added because it looks good but also because it gives protections in the dark.

Elastic Fabric

Convenient cuffs with elastic fabric are easy to wear.

Zipper Placket

Fzipper-placket is an inner placket behind the zipper protecting you from the zipper scratching you or getting caught.

Logo Technology

We use different technologies for our logos depending on the design: solid silica gel, 3D rubber print, heat transfer, screen print etc.

Custom Roll Up

Lix and Lixton pants are designed with easy roll up for extra custom fit. The length of the pants can be regulated with a full 4 centimeters.


For certain styles we are using piping which add an exclusive look to the style.

Clip Puller

All our items with zippers are designed with clip puller zipper so that you are not bothered by the zipper during play.

Customized Buttons

Buttons in high quality with FZ FORZA on the side. The customized buttons give an exclusive look to the style.

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